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Lydik Grynfeltt is French & English and runs an international consultancy firm in London, where he now lives and works. In fact he is joined by many French people who feel it's easier to create a business in UK than in France due to the high taxes and bureaucracy. In fact the French and British have done some great things together like Concord (supersonic airline) and the English Channel tunnel.

The French sense of humour is more oriented toward others than themselves, less nonsensical than English humour, more cruel. It is never self-deprecating. It is combative, fuelled by ridicule and mockery and it needs a target, as opposed to anglo-saxon Humour which tends to be emotional, gentle, affectionate, kindly and genial. An example of humour that does not translate easily into English is the provocative and devastating humour of a magazine like Charlie Hebdo who makes fun of everything, with particular focus on religions.

The French think that, like officers in the Army, there should be an Elite for Civilians too, in fact France is defined by its Elite and obsessed with its Grandeur. But Kissing and Arguing in public is normal and the French are great teases, which can enhance naive foreigners the idea of the French reputation of being rude.

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