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Finding the perfect city for your business networking skills workshop can be a daunting task because you have many large UK cities to choose from: Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool & Newcastle. All have good rail links, especially after HS2, but London will probably be the best choice as most rail links go there.

London has some of the best venues for running workshops from.

  1. Benares is an Indian restaurant but upstairs it has a large bar where the tables can be pushed to the side.

  2. Eight Members Club has two locations: Moorgate and Bank. Either are great places to hold business networking workshops because they have a conference room.

  3. The Forge is located in Cornhill and is on two floors. The ground floor is a bar and restaurant but is too cluttered for effective networking. The basement is a lot better as there is a large floor area.

  4. McQueen was inspired after the Hollywood legend Steve McQueen. There is enough standing room on the ground floor for a small group and the basement can handle a larger group.

  5. Alberts Private Club is a members-only club often frequented by celebrities. It has often hosted business networking events for many business networking organisations including East Meets West and TGN.

  6. Trader Vic's is located in the basement under the London Hilton Hotel. There is lots of space for business networking or all linds of social events.

  7. Galvin of Windows is located on the top floor of London Hilton Hotel. It has amazing views over the city and is quiet enough for meetings.

  8. Home House is a Georgian town house at 20 Portman Square, Marylebone, London.

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